Brandywine Garbology

Who We Are

The purpose of Brandywine Garbology is to increase awareness about waste management and promote recycling. Through the use of the Home Trash Audit software and this website, students can monitor how much and what types of waste they are throwing out/recycling. This system will assist you and other students to help preserve the world for future generations.

This project has been made possible by the follwing contributors:

John D. Miller - Hi my name is John, the developer behind Brandywine Garbology and Home Trash Audit. I attended Springfield Highschool, cooked profresionally for 12 years and got an Associates in Science from Delaware Country Community College. I'm currently a junior at The Pennsylvania State University and will be graduating in the spring 2017 with a Bachelor of Science; specifically Information Sciences and Technology - Development Concentration. For more information please see my personal website located here.

Lori Elias - Lori is responsible for coming up with the user requirements the Home Trash Audit software was structured around. Lori is an instructor in marketing at Penn State Brandywine. For more information about Lori Elias, please see her bio on Brandywine's website here.

Nannette D'Imperio - Nannette coodinated the connection between Lori Elias' need for the software and myself, the developer. Nannette is an instructor and advisor at Penn State Brandywine for the College of IST. For more information on Nannette D'Imperio, please see her bio on Brandywine's website here.

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